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Heavy Whipping Cream, Eggs,

Butter, Milk Sugar, Chocolate Chips


This is a very well known sauce in the Rustika community. It is our signature Chocolate Ganache frosting. Our Pastry Chefs use this to frost most of our chocolate cakes, but there are many more ways to use this decadent chocolate. Use this in a hot chocolate, as a spread, or even to bake a chocolate pie! Our process begins with the finest quialty ingredients. There are no preservatives, nor any substitutes in our spread. It is a fresh and pure chocoalte sauce with a variety of uses.

Chocolate Ganache


Allergy Information:

Contains:Milk, Egg


Milk, Calcalate


Dulce de Leche


This is the most delicious and versatile Arengentian spread around! Our Dulce de Leche is a smooth milk caramel that can be used in a variety of ways. It goes great in coffee, on cookies, or even on bread! Our All Natural Dulce de Leche is made from only from the finest ingredients. To ensure freshness, we package right after we finished baking this wonderful treat and ship it off. 

Allergy Information


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