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Be your own boss! Live the dream and own your own Rustika Cafe and Bakery!

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There are two models, with no marketing fees. Both models are easy to run, turnkey operations, with one supplier, and minimal labor so you can focus on sales!​

Simplified, proprietary inventory management and ordering software for both clients and franchisees allows monitoring and conducting of sales on the make, makes for an easier career transition, and an increase in sales volume!

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Fill the world with better cake

"Best cake ever!!!! I initially ordered a three tier cake, but after tasting the samples, I upgraded to a four tier cake so that I would have left overs after the wedding. However, the cake was such a hit at the wedding that there were no left overs. Thank goodness for the one-year anniversary tradition of saving the top cake tier!. The price on the cake was reasonable and worth every penny."

Pamela Brown

About Us

Francis Reznick is a renowned Master Pastry Chef who has in the industry for 30 years. She trained as a Chef at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, while her husband, Leonardo Reznick, was studying for his PH.D. in Dentistry at Boston University. 

They started the bakery in a foreign country with no family, limited English, and a dream. Now, Francis and Leo have turned this small bakery into a household name for the freshest products with the highest quality ingredients. 




  • Site Criteria

    • 1,000 – 3,200 SQFT

    • 2nd Generation restaurant

    • Visible to the public

    • Co-tenancy with a recognizable beauty salon or anchor business

    • Ample parking for the simplicity of take-out orders and cakes

    • Outdoor seating or patio area is a huge plus

    • Strong anchor tenants that provide heavy traffic to the area

  • Advantages for 1,000 – 1,500 SQFT

    • Efficient and easy management with low staffing requirements

    • Serve Breakfast, and Lunch all day

    • Sit-Down and To-Go Style Café and Bakery

    • Low operating costs

    • Alcohol or Beer and Wine license available

    • Simple Menu with low inventory

    • All products supplied from Corporate

    • Access to the Custom Cake market with creations by Master Chef Francis Reznick 

    • Access to the Catering Market

  • Target Market (Highly Populated Cities)

    • Houston, Tx and surrounding communities

    • Florida State

    • California State

  • Lease Terms 

    • 10 years with 2 5-Year Options 

  • Trade Area Suggestions

    • Must be highly populated

    • Good mix of Residential and Commercial Offices.

      • Surrounding House Value Ideally $500K+

    • High traffic flow with High visibility to the store

    • Strong morning and daytime traffic

    • Foot traffic is always a plus

    • Customers that come are usually women with kids that participate in beauty salons, nail salons, eyelash studios, beauty regimens, yoga, cycling, other similar exercise, and daycares (Anchor Businesses).

    • Customers tend to be creative, conscious of the quality of product, self-improvement, and self-care.

    • Close proximity to breakfast, lunch, and dinner customer base, with a daytime office population and plenty of nearby residences 

    • High percent of habitual customers are the local senior population between the ages of 65-120.

  • Advantages for 2,000 – 3,200 SQFT

    • Substantial Seating Area

    • Alcohol or Beer and Wine license available

    • Kitchen and Dining Space to serve Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

    • Full-Service Style Café and Bakery

    • Full Menu with ability to do Chef Specials

    • All products supplies from Corporate

    • Ability to host Lil’ Chef birthday parties, events, and classes.

    • Ability to host adult cooking events and classes.

    • Access to the Custom Cake market with creations by Master Chef Francis Reznick 

    • Access to the Catering Market

Customer Testimonials


Contact Us

 3237 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77027  |  Tel: (713) 665-6226

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Brent M.

“We walk into this place called Rustika, immediately I love the place. We walk up to the counter and my wife nudges me and points to the empanada section behind the glass. Holy crap they have chicken mole empanadas. Yes folks that’s right, chicken mole empanadas!!!! As elusive and sought after as the Yeti or Big Foot. I go nuts, like some 9 year old at Christmas unwrapping the Star Wars toy they have always wanted… 

I may move close to Joel's place just to be near this Rustika place, so freaking good.”

Voted Best Cake in Houston - Everyone

"Pastry chef Francis Reznick creates beautiful cakes every day at Rustika Cafe & Bakery for weddings, birthdays, holidays and every other type of celebration. But it's what's on the inside that counts, and Rustika's cakes are not only gorgeous, but delicious. Rustika offers dozens of flavor combinations, which makes choices difficult. No matter which one you pick, be it the sweet and smooth white chocolate raspberry filling between layers of delicate and crumbly white cake, or a rich chocolate cake with chocolate dulce de leche filling and chocolate buttercream icing (a chocolate lover's dream), you won't be able to put your fork down."

Molly Dunn, Editor - Houston Press

"The couple hail from Mexico City, and their products pay tribute to their heritage, in addition to the cooking styles of South American and European countries.... Whatever they make, an adherence to quality, no matter the cost, sets Rustika apart."