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School of Lil' Chefs


The Lil’ Chef gets to choose 2 activities. Each activity will take about 30-45 minutes. We also have more “advanced” courses for older or more experienced children such as custom cake decorating, etc. Come make a mess in our kitchen!

We offer private team building, corporate courses, date nights, and much more for adults too!



  • 3-hour event including the 2-hour class.

  • Additional decorations are welcome and encouraged.

  • Depending on the activity choice, the class is welcome to enjoy their pizza they made at the end of the class. Alternatively, a tasting game is played with the class.

Activity Options

  • Cake Decorating

    • Decorate a 6” cake (chocolate or vanilla)

  • Cookie Baking and Decorating

    • Make cookies from scratch, mix by hand, and cut into shapes to bake -Decorate the cookies once they cool down after baking

  • Savory and Sweet Pizzas

    • Create a savory pizza from Honey Wheat Dough (pre-risen) and bake

    • Create a second sweet pizza from Honey Wheat Dough and bake

  • Quiche Baking

    • Create quiches from scratch, and bake

  • Pastry Baking

    • Create pastries from scratch, fill, and bake

Whats Included

  • All baking and cooking materials and ingredients that will be used in the class.

  • Colored Table Cloth with matching Cups, Plates, and Utensils.

  • Soft Drinks, Teas, Juice, or Water is included for each attendee.

  • Personalized Apron and Chef Hat for the primary guest – and all attendees get to sign their name.


  • Adults are welcome to stay for the class with optional BYOB.

  • Appetizers, desserts, and food are available for purchase for both kids and adults.

  • Cakes (including custom) are 20% off for the class to be consumed on-site.


  • $55 per Lil' Chef

  • 10 person minimum

  • 20% gratuity of class total

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